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Wheeling Country Day School - Wheeling, WV

Fitting within the mission of the school, this playscape is designed to foster
learning, creative problem solving, and both independence & teamwork. The
playscape has many custom designed freestanding and functionally linked
components. Every part is specified to uniquely fit the space.  The site is
ADA compliant, meets all safety standards and is very low maintenance.
Components are made from recycled polymer wood and steel core rope.  There is no decking thus
reducing cost. Everything radiates out from a central spiderweb climber.
Included in this playscape are:
Monkey Bars                Balance Beam             Spiders Web                
Trapeze Walk               Wobble Board              Rope Tunnel               
Rope Bridge                  Swinging Steps            Scramble Net              
Zigzag Stepper              Group Seesaw              Tortoise Climber
Hill Slides                     Incline Climber           Funnelball Court
Swings                          Tire Swing
The Sliding Hill consists of two 37' racing slides, an Incline Climber, and one 17' slide in the
school colors.
Scramble net: Has an inclined 10' climb
and a 6' vertical climb.
Group Seesaw: Requires group cooperation
to achieve the desired effect.